Debunking 5 Stereotypes About Real Estate Agents

woman wearing green and white money hat

We’re sure you’ve heard the stereotypes about real estate agents…being a real estate agent is so easy, all they care about is money, they aren’t trustworthy. These stereotypes simply aren’t true. Real estate agents truly care about their clients and they work hard to find them the home of their dreams. Real Estate Agents Make…

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Working In Real Estate In A Post-Pandemic World

fashionable masked person behind pile of toilet paper

In March of 2020, everything changed. The Covid-19 pandemic affected every aspect of our lives and the way we view the world around us. We were cut off from each other and our day to day lives looked totally different. The real estate market was no exception. The pandemic caused both short and long term…

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What Should I Look For In A Real Estate School?

Woman writing notes in front of laptop

Are you considering a career in real estate? Unsure of the first step? Let us help! When beginning your real estate journey, your first step is to choose a real estate school. There are many real estate schools to choose from both online and in-person. Be sure to take a few things into consideration when…

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What Kind Of Jobs Can I Get With A Real Estate License?

Woman Explaining Real Estate

Whether you’ve recently obtained your real estate license or you’re just beginning the process, the question “what kind of jobs can I get with a real estate license?” has most likely crossed your mind. We are here to help answer that question! Surprisingly, there are many jobs you are eligible for with a real estate…

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