Who We Are

At Beer School of Real Estate we teach students everything they need to pass the Indiana State Real Estate Licensing exam and continue guiding them along their real estate journey. Whether it be placement assistance, continuing education requirements, or helping new real estate agents market and brand themselves, we are here to help with the process.

About Our Company

Instructional Design

Our program of instruction is the most effective and successful learning system in Indiana. This is achieved by using several modes of instruction. We combine auditory comprehension (classroom lecture/discussion) with visual learning (basal reading and outlined material). We add to this the application of concepts through hundreds of practice questions (with explanatory written answers). In addition, we record every class session and make them available for reinforced auditory comprehension. We are also adding streaming of the classes, filmed live. This added dimension sets us apart from other real estate schools. Should a student need to miss a class, we supply that student with a cd (free of charge), so as to prevent that student from missing the instruction.

Continuing Education

An increasing number of individuals are taking our courses as continued adult education and enrichment. Many people have found that the vast amount of information and knowledge gained in all aspects of real estate from these courses has been most valuable in personal and business situations. Anyone may take the course whether or not they are qualified for, or interested in, sitting for the State Exam.

Our History

The Beer School of Real Estate was established as one of the first non-public real estate schools in Indiana. Founded in 1975, the School progressed to a state-wide network of class sites by 1977, boasting one of the highest passing percentages in the business. In 1979 the School was granted Fully Accredited status by the Indiana Commission for Post Secondary Proprietary Education.

Our primary objective, as a license preparatory program, is to teach the specific skills and information needed to pass the State Licensing Exam. These courses are the Approved Real Estate Courses required by the State of Indiana prior to licensure. As full-time real estate educators, we are devoted entirely to increasing our students’ chances for success.

Have questions before enrolling in our program?

We would love to answer any questions you may have about our program! You can call us directly at (574) 551-0316, send us a message on the contact page or visit our FAQs page for more information.