Pre-Licensing Courses

This 90 hour pre-licensing course teaches students everything they need to pass the Indiana State Real Estate Licensing exam. Beer School of Real Estate students pass with a much higher percentage of first time exam takers. Once the Exam is passed, Beer School of Real Estate assists in pairing new real estate agents with brokerages. Classes are taught 2 nights, each week, for 13 weeks.

What makes our program unique?

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Instructors with 30+ years experience in the field

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Online classes to fit your schedule

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All classes are digitally recorded

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"There is not a better way to study for your real estate license than thru Beer School of Real Estate. I took the classes in the summer of 2015 and passed the test (the first time) within a month of finishing the course. The real life examples the instructor was able to provide were the perfect memories to not only apply in real life but also to remember for studying for the initial test. Since I did not use my license until the Winter of 2017, I had to take the 30 hour post licensing course and exam after not utilizing any of this education for almost two years. Between my notes and the memories of his examples, I easily passed that course/exam, too. Investing in yourself can be expensive, but this is clearly an example of "you get what you paid for". My instructors have also been career long cheerleaders and are wonderful, wonderful people. Learn from the best and buy this course."

Anna Gilsinger

Sandy Hatcher (1)

"I took my real estate classes through the Beer School of Real Estate and loved it. The instructor was amazing, the curriculum was second to none and each person was given personalized attention as needed. And! I passed my license test on the first try! Thanks Edd!"

Sandy Hatcher

Orville Haney

"Beer School of Real Estate is focused on getting you licensed in Indiana to broker Real Estate. This class will give you the tools you need to pass the state exam. It does not stop there. If you truly buy into what instructor Edd has to teach you, it will change your life. His subject matter is on point to prepare you for the state exam, then the extra real value from this course begins in believing what he says about what you can become. I have done that. In three years after completing this class I made the transition to comfortable wealth as a result of buying into what Edd and Cheryl are selling here. They will give you the tools for success, starting with a license. Then use the extra you learn to excel in the industry. There are many ways to make a good living in Real Estate. You will walk away from this class with knowledge you need to succeed. You will not regret taking this course."

Orville Haney

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Current open classes: State of Indiana Pre-Licensing Course

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Platform? It takes place over Zoom
What times? Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 10 pm
Cost? $695

Have questions before enrolling in our program?

We would love to answer any questions you may have about our program! You can call us directly at (574) 551-0316, send us a message on the contact page or visit our FAQs page for more information.