Debunking 5 Stereotypes About Real Estate Agents

We’re sure you’ve heard the stereotypes about real estate agents…being a real estate agent is so easy, all they care about is money, they aren’t trustworthy. These stereotypes simply aren’t true. Real estate agents truly care about their clients and they work hard to find them the home of their dreams.

Real Estate Agents Make A Lot Of Money

The truth is, most real estate agents aren’t making an obscene amount of money. That’s a common misconception. The average family will spend $300,000 or less on their house which means under $10,000 in commission for a real estate agent. Most realtors will sell twelve houses or less in one year so their yearly salary could be anywhere between $30,000 and $120,000. It entirely depends on your area, the real estate market, and how much time a real estate agent is able to put into their business.

Being A Real Estate Agent Is Easy

Many people believe being a real estate agent is easy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A real estate agent’s job is time demanding and energy draining. The job can’t be left at the office at 5:00 everyday. A real estate agent is constantly communicating with clients and brokers, driving to and from showings, filling out paperwork, having paperwork drawn up, networking themselves, going to meetings, the list goes on and on.

Real Estate Agents Are Dishonest

Oftentimes, real estate agents are depicted in a bad light in pop culture. They are shown as dishonest and deceitful, willing to do or say anything to make the sale. In reality, your real estate agent should be honest with you throughout your buying or selling journey. Recommendations and referrals mean everything in the real estate business, so a real estate agent who is known for lying to their clients will not be successful.

All They Care About Is The Sale

Although selling houses is how real estate agents earn their commission, they care about more than just the sale. A real estate agent’s main job is to make a connection with their clients in order to find the best house for them. If they were just focused on the sales aspect of their job, they wouldn’t see many referrals. Clients want to feel heard and valued when it comes to what they’re looking for in their dream house. 

Real Estate Agents Only Care About Themselves

Not all real estate agents are egotistical and only care about themselves. Like we mentioned above, a real estate agent needs to make a connection with their clients to be good at their job. Good real estate agents are often very friendly, personable, and good listeners. To get returning clients, you can’t just be a good sales person, you have to be a good friend. The best real estate agents have clients who keep coming back because of the special experience they had.

Any Other Stereotypes You’re Curious About?

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