How Can A Real Estate Agent Add Value As A Property Manager?

Believe it or not, if all state requirements are met, you can act as both a real estate agent and a property manager. This is a great option for those who desire multiple streams of income to keep them busy and financially stable during slow seasons. Since these two careers are very similar, gaining knowledge from both jobs will only help you become more successful in the real estate industry.

What is the difference between a real estate agent and a property manager?

Real estate agents and property managers both deal with properties but at different levels. A real estate agent handles the buying and/or selling transaction for their client and is hands-off after the sale is finalized. Whereas a property manager is hands-on in managing their client’s properties either for short-term or long-term tenants.

Both real estate agents and property managers will work remotely, from the office or from home, and on-site. Real estate agents will need to be on-site to show houses to their clients and accompany them at the final walk-through to make sure everything looks correct. Property managers will need to be at the rental properties to give showings, perform inspections, or coordinate repairs.

What are the pros and cons of these career paths?

Real Estate Agent –

Property Manager – 

  • Good, consistent salary
  • Ever-growing industry
  • Acquiring first-hand real estate knowledge

Real Estate Agent –

  • Competitive
  • Need to be self-motivated
  • Abnormal working hours
  • Inconsistent income

Property Manager –

How can you do both jobs at once?

Though it depends on your state’s requirements, you can be both a real estate agent and property manager at the same time. It would take time, hard work, and determination to be successful at both jobs at once, but depending on your lifestyle and goals, it could be worth it! Like any career, you’ll get out of it what you put into it.

These two careers can feed off of each other and lead to more business, more real estate knowledge, and endless networking potential.

Are you a property manager looking to obtain your real estate license?

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