How Do I Set Healthy Boundaries in Real Estate?

When it comes to setting boundaries in the real estate business, what works for someone else may not work for you. It’s up to you to determine what’s best for you and your life. There are many different levels of boundaries in real estate from complete availability to strict business hours. The right clients will respect your boundaries no matter what, but it’s your job to set them!

Available 24/7

In the real estate industry, you may think all agents are constantly working but that’s simply not true. As mentioned above, real estate agents have varying levels of “working hours” that are up to them to set and uphold. Making yourself truly available 24/7, never missing a phone call or text message will set you apart in this industry.

There are a few downsides when it comes to making yourself available all hours of the day. It means you may have to step out of family dinner to take a phone call or work more on the weekends when your clients are off work. Though clients will appreciate your willingness to help them at a moment’s notice, you may begin to feel burnout. Read this article for tips on maintaining a personal life while working nonstop as a real estate agent.

Available to Schedule

One option that seems to work for many real estate agents is being available but scheduling on your terms. Staying in control of your own schedule will help you maintain a work-life balance. This means not letting your client control you, but suggesting meeting times that work for your schedule.

This approach lets your clients know that you respect your time and theirs as well. While you still answer phone calls and respond to texts, you give them a reasonable expectation when paperwork will be ready or you will be able to meet.

Strict Business Hours

Last but not least, setting strict business hours is another way to create healthy and firm boundaries with your clients. It is possible to be a successful real estate agent and be up front with your business hours. Clients will respect your time and understand exactly when you’ll be available and when you won’t. This means letting after hours calls go to voicemail and not returning them until the next business day.

Although this method is very different from the go go go stereotype of real estate agents, it can still be effective. It provides you with both a more traditional work schedule and a life away from work giving you true free time.

How will you set boundaries as a real estate agent?

Everyone’s boundaries will look different as a real estate agent and it may take time and practice to find what works for you. If you need real advice from experienced agents, we would love to guide you in this journey. Please call at (574) 551-0316 or visit the contact page to speak to one of our real estate professionals and learn more about our post-licensing programs.