New To Real Estate: Seeking Out A Mentor

When it comes to any career path, seeking out a mentor is always a good idea. In real estate, having a mentor teach you the ropes is almost necessary in an ever-changing industry. A mentor can provide valuable knowledge and advice to a new real estate agent. Keep in mind, it may be an investment depending on who you choose.

So how do you find a mentor? There are many ways to find the right real estate mentor for you!

Types of real estate mentoring:

1. One-on-one mentoring – Perhaps the most individualized mentoring approach, one-on-one mentoring can be tailored to you. One-on-one mentoring can happen organically or it can be a paid mentorship you discover. Try reaching out to successful realtors you admire to see if they’d be interested in working with you.
2. Small group mentoring – Small group mentoring offers different advantages then the other types because you will learn from real estate veterans as well as peers. It’s a unique opportunity to learn from others, build new relationships, and keep each other accountable. Small group mentoring may present itself in a Facebook group or a paid mentoring group.
3. Job Shadowing – Shadowing a real estate agent or realtor can provide a firsthand look at their day-to-day responsibilities. Not only will you be able to observe them, but you will learn from them and can ask questions along the way.

No matter which option you choose, it’s important to get plugged into the real estate world in some capacity.

Lean into pre-existing relationships

Odds are, you may already have a few real estate agents and realtors in your circle. Reach out to them to see if they’d be interested in mentoring you or at least chatting with you over coffee or a meal.

If there is a realtor you are close to already, be it a teacher, friend, or family member, talk to them. They may be interested in mentoring you or refer you to someone they trust instead.

Real estate networking events

There are countless ways to get involved in the real estate community and they don’t have to solely be “real estate” events. Here are the main types of real estate networking events you can search for in your area:

  • Local real estate associations
  • Community events
  • Real estate webinars
  • Events for related industries (such as contractors, home inspectors, landscapers)
  • Volunteering
  • Local Chamber of Commerce events
  • Meetups/mixers
  • Groups for hobbies or activities your interested in

A mentor can be a worthwhile investment

Look at a paid mentorship as an investment into your real estate career, because it is! Consider investing into your future by finding the right mentor for you. The investment is more than just a number, it’s the beginning of your successful career as a real estate agent.

Thinking of taking the first step in your real estate career?

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